Welcome to Elle Kos Glam Blog!  This website is a glam-based lifestyle blog designed to articulate achievable and influential details with a significant focus on the essence of fashion, beauty, interior design and travel. Elle Kos Glam is an online landing place for girls and boys by intergrating a classic, glam, chic and feminine style which is modest and on trend.  In hopes of  acquiring their own silhouette of self articulation in fashion and beauty industry, Elle Kos Glam elevates everyday lives. This blog is commited to reviewing somewhat mid to high-end luxury beauty products including fashion, interior design, cosmetics, & fragrances with a sprinkle of budget friendly do it yourself projects.  In addition to home scents and skincare with your best interest in mind, this blog focus on giving quality reviews and sharing what was learned from them.   By knowing which products to choose, Elle Kos Glam will help you make the best educated decision as the consumer.  Also featured will be an array of bodycare with some glam lifestyle elements mixed in. I started Elle Kos Glam in 2017 while I was going through a challenging time after the completion my BA in health and administrative mangement.  My studies in healthcare management and administrative and experiences has lead me to this path of beauty.  I took all of my management business skills and place them into my new blog, Elle Kos Glam. I love reviewing new beauty product innovations and I am totally in love with all things beauty.  As of today, my experience in social media marketing has inspired me to launch Elle Kos Glam website as my creative outlet to share my passion for beauty innovation as a focus for t he style of fashion and the art of design.

Alongside my YouTube channel, Elle Kos Glam is now recognized as one of America’s most influential fashion blogs with an involved and devoted audience and supporters. Elle Kos Glam focuses primarily on product reviews, home interiors and fashion including do it yourself projects and product comparisons using very detailed personal thoughts on what was tested.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s your skintone?
I have medium-toned combination and sometimes oily olive brown skin. As a surprise, I tan easily and since I live in the sunshine state, I get a ton of sun outdoors. My foundation color changes often and frequently so I have to mixed them together for the perfect shade. A few favorites at the moment include Nars and MAC .

How tall are you?


What kind of camera do you use?

Since the start of my blog I’ve used a Canon with a zoom lens but I like to experiment and try new cameras.  I am always on the hunt for the next best camera.  I use a Go Pro for travel and a Sony Hot Shot. I also use my iPhone for some photographs.

Who takes your photos?

The vast majority of the photos on this blog have been shot by Mr Traveler.

What are your favorite brands?
I love to discovering new electronic equipment and products for filming. Currently, my four favorites include Dior Beauty, Chanel, Christian Louboutin, and Marc Jacobs. 


Making friends, Dog walks with Snowball, nature, beach, tea, fitness, travel, interior design, gardening, entertaining, peonies & plumerias, funny movies, brunches and makeup.



Contact Info
You can reach out to contact me via e-mail at ellekos2u@.com

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Photo by Mr Traveler

I dedicate this blog to my Mom♥

xoxo elle