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As a glam beauty lifestyle blogger, I share my personal style, beauty tips, travel adventures. Working as an Editor and blogger with a love to travel, I was self taught in the beauty industry while running a YouTube channel, Instagram, and Twitter on social media. With a wealth of knowledge over the years, I became a beauty advisor to family and friends, (and their friends!) always answering all kinds of makeup, skincare, style and beauty questions by making product recommendations. As I admit to not being a make up artist; I quickly realized that I just happen to be an extremely well-informed enthusiast who’s been doing a ton of research in beauty over the last few years with a lot of experience. While earning my AA & Ba degree's in health care management administration, I am coming to you as another self informed beauty product lover like yourself! In addition to lots of experience I have a love for “make up tricks” and “diy” remedies. My strengths are in beauty and fashion industry. I am sure you’ll also find some advice with luxury fashion, lifestyle, health with a sprinkle of easy to follow make up and fashion tutorials content here that is presented on a user friendly basis of “one friend to the next”. So take your time and make yourself comfortable…click around, I hope you like what you see. I have attained this level of influence and wealth of knowledge for cosmetic & lifestyle products. As a beauty expert and glam lifestyle advisor, I am willing to share my drive, passion and expertise that I realized in the beauty industry. I have a passion for sharing and giving advice to everyone.

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